Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maya Diab is Lebanese singer

Maya Diab (Born on November 12 , in Beirut , Lebanon) is a Singer , model and artist from Lebanon . Maya be an actress in the movie " Asad w Arab3 otat"  and the tv series " Al Duniya heik" and Kalam Niswan. Maya Diab is one of the 4 cats is a lebanese girl band . She close contact with a presenter television Toni Baroud. Maya Diab married with a bussinessman and his married was held in Swiss.  She is beautiful women and has wonderful eyes. In this page you can get all information about Maya Diab. Lat's enjoy the latest collection of photos and new album of Maya Diab.. 

Best Pose of Maya Diab

Maya Diab with White wig

Maya Diab wear a Cowboy Hat 

Maya Diab has Beautiful eyes

Nice Smile of Maya Diab

Maya Diab So Sexy 

Maya Diab Wallpaper

Ramy Ayash featuring Maya Diab

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